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Earrings / Boucle d'Oreille / Pendientes " 3R "

125 EUR

Attache argent 925/enganche plata/ sterling silver hook
Poids/Peso/Weight: 2x4 g
Taille/Talla/Size: 25x70 mm

Boucles montée sur un axe fixe qui lui permet d’effectuer des rotations de 360°.

The multi-piece construction of the earrings mounted on an only axis allows to turn each single piece of 360°

Spanish-born, self-taught silversmith Oscar Galea works with an alloy of magnesium and aluminum appropriated from the aeronautical industry to create his unique, minimalist jewelry. The lightweight material offers both an impressive solidity and comfort, and it does not oxidize or cause a reaction when it contacts the skin. Each piece is hammered, filed and polished by Galea at his studio in Bordeaux, France. A unique graphic signature can also be found on each item, providing a mark of authenticity.
MCA Museum of Comptemporary Art, Chicago

Video Workshop Oscar GALEA By Hicham Ghabte

Atelier dart de France